Bed Bug Doctor

Bedbugs are very flat, which allows them to hide in tiny crevices. A crack wide enough to fit the edge of a credit card can harbour bedbugs (even cracks in the ceiling!). In the daytime, they tend to stay out of the light, preferring to remain hidden in such places as mattress seams, mattress interiors, bed frames, nearby furniture, carpeting, skirting boards, inner walls, tiny wood holes, or in the general bedroom clutter. Bedbugs can be found on their own, but more often than not, due to circumstances, are found congregated in groups. They are not social insects, and do not build or live in nests. These groups of bedbugs are most often found in beds, usually either in the seams of a mattress, or within the structure of the bed frame itself. But they can also be found in a wide variety of locations in a home, such as behind skirting boards, behind a picture frame, within books, in telephones, or bedside radios, and within the folds of curtains.