With experience of more than 10 years, Pest-Tec has a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in all things pest control. We can eliminate all unwanted guests at your property from fleas through to foxes; no job is too big or too small as we tackle anything from major infestations at large properties to removing minor problems from households. Each pest needs a different approach to rid them from your property and we are experts in knowing how. We have tackled a huge array of problems across London and Surrey in the decade we have been operating so we have picked up all the ways of the trade.

As a genuine LOCAL family-run business, Pest-Tec prides itself on being trustworthy and friendly. We offer great value with a fantastic service. We are efficient, professional and yet we remain approachable and easy-to-contact. We always keep abreast of our competitor's fees and adjust ours accordingly so we remain competitive, affordable and value-for-money.