Green Shield

You don't want to meet one in real life though. We at Green Shield, will make sure you don't have to. We like rid of them, and our Pest Repeller makes sure of it. In the meantime, civilisation's constant co-habitation with rats seems to have got to people's heads, read on. Depending who you believe, you're never more than 10 feet, a few feet, or just three feet from a rat. That said, rats are not evenly distributed. The Brown Rat is the most common kind. A 2003 survey estimated there were about 60 million of them in the UK, about the same as the human population.

Rat teeth don't stop growing. Rats who lose a front tooth need dentistry from a human helper to stop the opposing teeth from growing too big for their mouths. Tradition has it that cider-makers would fling a dead rat into a vat of fermenting cider - when the rat had completely dissolved, fermentation was complete. We're confident that modern cider makers use appropriate chemicals instead.