Beaver Pest Control

We will visit your house a set amount of times dependent upon the type of pest that you have. The pest will be treated and advice provided as to how you may reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence in the future. Pesticide will be laid in a safe and careful way in line with professional guidelines, in addition to this you will be provided with all of the relevant information connected to the poisons used. If we do not clear your problem on our set visits we will usually revisit the property two further times free of charge over the next month.

This puts your problem firmly in our hands; clearly it is not in our favour to skimp on quality as we will lose money if we have to return. If you are experiencing regular problems with pests please ask our staff about Pest Safe or a regular contract, this can save money in the long run. When you phone your call will be answered swiftly by a person who Will be both knowledgeable and helpful. Why not call now, even if it is only for advise?